Lavender Dreams

Drawing can be a great fun! But what makes it best is when I am able to draw and dream at the same time.
Better still is when I can just immerse myself in it and continues to mesmerize and continue swimming in the dream.

Yes, so while busy drawing and dreaming with James’ Lavender Dream Body Scrub..
The sketching continues..

LOL.. but unfortunately, someone told me they look like rice grains than lavender!
Ah!! Need to seriously improve.

Posted by by velverse at February 27th, 2015
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10 and counting..

Who would have thought I would come this far.
I for one won’t think that I will still be doing this after 10 years.
But here I am, still writing nonsense and all.

Reading old post really makes me feel old out of a sudden.
Very old.. but fun.. but old.. but fun.
And this fun moments is what makes it worthwhile for me to keep this less update site. LOL!


Posted by by velverse at February 20th, 2015
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BeGood x velverse

My first crossover since I start doodling.
It’s been a while since I had such adrenaline rush drawing.. yup, the last I had one was probably a year or two ago.

But nonetheless, I was crazily excited over BeGood x velverse :)

Now, I need to work out two piece of artwork.
Right, I’m sure you can guess this quite easily.. it’s flowery related!

Yup! Rose it is… actually quite my first time drawing rose.
And you know what.. it’s grown to be quite addictive.

There are really a lot of first time for this project.
First time drawing rose.. first time putting details and styling in  a flower.. but I am liking it too much already.

So much that I am not willing to let it go.
You know, there is a part of me who wants to keep all this just to myself.

No Mandy! Share.. learn to share and let go!
Now, may I present you, rose garden.

Posted by by velverse at October 20th, 2014
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LEGO day out

Believe most people like me, do grow up with LEGO.
Since their youngest age? Ok, help me out here.. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

But of course back then it was much simpler and less complex..
as everything wasn’t that fancy.

I can’t remember since when it started with so many characters.
But yes, the only thing that kept me going was the cute little characters.
Can never get enough of it.

LOL.. my niece help me take a dip
Was hoping that I will get the “Mexican Pizza Guy” and the “Coffee Boy”
But well, guess the orangey yellow is growing pretty strong here.

Instead my niece seems to have better luck.
Both hers look simply amazing. I love the crazy police look.
Haha.. that weird doodle face look.
Just like one of my silly drawings.

I get my niece to help me pick 2 of the Simpsons LEGO too.
Very cute duo indeed. Seems like a good match.. this set is pretty yellow and blue.
LOL.. looks like we’ve got a theme going here :)

Toys just makes people happy.

Posted by by velverse at May 26th, 2014
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Emergency Pack

Like a hamster, I keep food for rainy days.
You never know when you will need it.
But when you need it you know it’s always there.

:) I’m a happy girl now. Yippie!

Posted by by velverse at May 17th, 2014
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Wide Awake

Sometimes I can’t sleep, or maybe I don’t want to sleep
Yes, I’m confused myself.
I used to think sleep is a waste of time. Until recently.. I’m so sleep deprived.

People ask me what do I do when I don’t sleep.
Mmm.. hard to answer, easier to show.

LOL.. draw, draw.. draw like there’s no tomorrow!
Haha.. looks like me?

Done.. now time to go to sleep
Think of what to draw next

Posted by by velverse at May 13th, 2014
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A recent addition to The Peak.
Yes, an addition place where one can share their message.
Now.. yes, Say I love you at The Peak.

L.O.V.E, LOVE.. love and love!
How can I not love such a beautiful place..

Now, I have actually left my love note at The Peak.
Have you? Which is mine you ask?

Yes, the cousins of course must leave their mark at The Peak!

Haha… and the best picture, of course goes to the newly weds!
Aren’t my cousin and his hubby cute!
Awww… how sweet :)

Well, when it comes to cam-whoring.. I’ll surely not miss out!

So yes, this is our messages. Think you will manage to find ours?
Or have you placed yours?

Posted by by velverse at April 10th, 2014
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Wee.. you know you are almost nearing the top when you see more and more pictures of The Peak Tower.
To be honest, I quite like the poster regardless what other may think.

Sky Terrace 428 (凌霄閣摩天台428)
Shop 302-3, 3/F,
The Peak Tower,

120 Peak Road, The Peak,
Hong Kong
Telephone Number: (852) 2849 0668
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday – 10.00am to 11.00pm, Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays – 8.00am to 11.00pm

But yes, you know you reach when you saw.. the breathtaking Hong Kong cityscape view.
All the high skyscraper buildings.. it’s really beautiful.
Yes, for those who know me well, they would know that I always prefer a concrete jungle.

But it’s just quite unfortunate each time I visit The Peak, it’s always during a foggy season.
Don’t think I actually had a picture of the Hong Kong cityscape which is crystal clear.
Then again, I’m not complaining. I still find it beautiful :)

LOL.. each time I came to this place, I can’t help but to notice this place.
I mean not like anyone will miss it out.
And I bet it’s in at least 98% of the tourist’s photos.

But yes, even at it’s most foggy moments.. I still love the beauty of this place.
It’s quite interesting and lucky HK people are.
Sea and concrete jungle. Both my favourite at the same time.


What else to do at the peak aside from taking photo you ask?
Take a deep breath and enjoy the good scenery.
Yeah baby… pretty!

Posted by by velverse at April 6th, 2014
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Ah, we finally arrived at The Peak Tower.
You really can’t miss this exit.. since it’s the only one.
And you are quickly greeted by the giant mechanical wheels.

The Peak Hong Kong (香港山頂)
The Peak Tower,

120 Peak Road, The Peak,
Hong Kong
Telephone Number: (852) 2849 0668
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday – 10.00am to 11.00pm, Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays – 8.00am to 11.00pm

In due of time, we didn’t really went out and took pictures of The Peak Tower itself.
Yeah, been there and done that probably a few years ago.
And the focus this time is more of bringing my other cousin for a quick pit stop.

While walking upwards towards the Sky Terrace 428, I can’t help but to notice something interesting.
Yes, you can actually Post Love to the Future.
You can actually send in a postcard to your loved ones in the future dates.
And The Peak will help you send it out on time.
Pretty cool huh? Yes, more details here

You know you are half way up to the tower when you start meeting stars.
Yes, I’m not kidding you. You’ll be greeted by star studded celebrities.
Depending on the season, you might meet celebrities from Andy Lau to Kelly Chan, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and even Miriam Yeung.

Haha.. where is this place you might ask?
It’s without further delay let me introduce you to Madame Tussauds Hong Kong.
And guess who is waiting for me this time?

Madame Tussauds Hong Kong (香港杜莎夫人蠟像館)
Shop P101, Level P1,
The Peak Tower,

128 Peak Road, The Peak,
Hong Kong
Telephone Number: (852) 2849 6966
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday and Public Holiday – 10.00am to 10.00pm

LOL! Yes, of course it’s gotta be the mega superstar Bruce Lee himself and Kelly Chan.
Go Kelly! Go.. after all, we both have the same surname. Haha..

Kelly said.. come give me a hug Mandy.
Awww.. don’t be shy!
OK Kelly.. since you insisted :)

Posted by by velverse at March 28th, 2014
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We carried our warm bodies to the highest point in Hong Kong Island, The Peak.
Yes, it’s a must do touristy thing in my opinion.
Really? You asked. And the answer.. is a definite yes from me.

How exactly are we going to get there you may ask?
No.. no.. I’m definately not walking up.
Not from the very bottom at least.

And no.. no.. I am not that posh to drive up or being driven up there.
Like said earlier.. as a tourist myself. I of course did the touristy thingy.
Which yes, I took the  tram. The Peak Tram is rich with history, going back all the way to 120 years.
And what better way to really experience the different means of transportation in Hong Kong!

The Peak Tram (山頂纜車)
Peak Tram Lower Terminus,
33 Garden Road,
Hong Kong
Telephone Number: (852) 2522 0922
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday and Public Holidays - 7.00am to 12.00 midnight
Getting to The Peak Lower Terminus: Download PDF Guide Map

Now yes, who are we kidding if we have no photo pose moments at such an iconic place in Hong Kong.

And yes, the queue was not that long, since we are there quite early.
But for sure the crowd is building.
If you think this is packed already, you have not seen worst.

We missed the earlier tram. But it was not entirely a bad thing.
At least we are at the front of the queue.
It isn’t such a long wait since the frequency of the trams are about every 10 – 15 mins.

Hip hip hooray! The tram has finally arrived.
Everyone is ever excited. As can see, there are many people who will just push their way to the front
From me being at the front to many others cutting their way in.
Some hoping to jump on board faster.. some with their big iPad or camera trying to get a view of the tram.

Why the rush people.. why?
We are on holiday! And we’re supposed to take it slow and relax.
I know the tram won’t leave me behind! I just know.

Now boys and girls, let’s sit back and enjoy the ride.
Let’s go!

Posted by by velverse at March 25th, 2014
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