Monotone Life

Was recently roped in to this confusing conversation, which to date… I still can’t seems to understand:

Potato: What to do on a Sunday noon?
Me: Go paktor lor!
Potato: Yeah, doing that now. But what else can do cause it’s so boring.
Potato: Need suggestion aside movies, shopping, cafe. What else?
Potato: Is it normal to just shop, movies, cafe and chit chat? Seems like monotonous one.
Me: Like is like that lor… eat, shit and sleep. You also monotone for so many years.
Potato: Want to do some activities mah… like jungle tracking.
Me: Then go cycling at park, catch butterfly with net or picnic.
Potato: Cycling so hot la… I want something that is not too hot and burnt under the sun
Me: You want activity but give excuses. Hot la… this la… that la
Me: Then go see museum, science centre or art gallery
Potato: You think here is Paris or Rome or Europe? Museum here sucks big time.
Me: Seriously, monotone is your choice.

*puke blood* Sometimes, I can only blame myself for allowing this kinda conversation to take place.
I mean seriously, monotone life? If look at in a broad scope, it always have been since we are born, no? Eat, shit and sleep!
I find that it’s just the small details in life that makes everything more interesting.

Someone once told me… make time, make an effort and everything will turn out differently.
Now, back to my monotone life! Zzzz…

Posted by velverse at April 27th, 2013

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