The Christmas Mood

Jingle bell, jingle bell..

I am in the x’mas mood!
Stars are shining brightly everywhere.. snowman popping up like mushrooms..

And I just can’t help it when everywhere is so nicely decorated..
All malls are full-on decorating the malls, from The Gardens
The cozy cabin looking theme lives up to it’s standard and is simply interesting

Bangsar Village is by far somewhat disappointing given that they simply just dump some hot air balloon with gifts

But.. it’s sister, Bangsar Village II did a far better job partnering with Lego. Most of the cnristmas decorations are created with Lego.
From wreaths, ornaments to snowflakes..

Being someone who loves to eat, I also try out many christmas themed food.
From the donuts..

To Auntie Anne’s cheesy turkey pretzels,

Burp.. now even decorations in some mall’s can’t help but to agree with me.
Bangsar Shopping Centre has this “GIANT” Christmas Dinner

And most malls have lollipops and ice-cream hanging on the Christmas trees, some even have apples.
Yes, I thought I was dreaming at first.. but nope.. it’s true~

Ah… that’s like flying me to cloud 9, which is what Sunway Pyramid did.
Their fairy wings decoration does capture lots od attention. Yes, I wanna fly and be an angel too..

Midvalley and KLCC chose a more fun approach.. they both have one of my favourite element in it
With Midvalley showcasing the musical and carnival side.
Merry-go-round!! Love~ love.. love~
And the paper ornaments, too clutter and busy, but superlove..

While KLCC is all about teddy bears and nutcrackers.
OMG!! Yes, I love nutcrackers. I hope someday I can have like and extensive collection of it in different sizes

Phewwww… chill mandy, chill!
Even bubble teas make an effort to spread the season greetings

After all the exciting mall Christmas decoration hunting, this one mall brings us all back to reality..
Yes, while most santa and santarina are young and energetic.. they do grow old

But nevertheless, we still do love them deeply

Now yes.. Merry Christmas everyone!
And what better way to start a great celebration than to make my very own hot chocolate candycane drink!

Posted by velverse at December 24th, 2013

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