Top 5 food velverse loves

top 5 food velverse loves

I have been tagged by Nicole (she started of this tag). Right, we have been talking about food and eating each time we chat. She asking where I will take her to when she comes over. I asked her what is good over at her place… and she then came up with the idea of making a tag listing up the top 5 places of food one would recommend. Hence with the gathering of this info, we could end up with a good bundle of only the best.

The rules are simple:
1. List out your top 5 favourite place to eat at your location.
2. Put down your link below together below the name/nick of the person who tag you and link directly to your post (e.g Please include the state or country you’re from.

Nicole (Sydney, Australia)
velverse (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

3. Tag 5 other people (preferable from other countries/states)

Counting down to great food I would recommend.

top 5 food velverse loves: Jogoya

Jogoya is one of the places I would recommend to anyone who come visit me. Well, yeah… it isn’t exactly any local food. In fact it is a Japanese buffet spread owned by some Taiwanese corporate. However I still think it’s one great joint to dine in.

Jogoya serves a large spread of buffet. Varities from sushi, sashimi, teppanyaki, teriyaki, steamed food, soups, tempuras, desserts, cakes, cookies and not to mention various variety of drinks. One could possibly get lots in this place as they were too mesmerized.

I remember the last time I went, I just go crazy over their sashimi and had like 4 plates of them with many other stuff like soft shell crabs, grilled mussels, steam fish, soup… ah.. countless. I hardly can believe (neither does my friends) when they see me eat non stop for like 3 hours while others were sitting there burping. Eyes rolled big and all they ever say was “Wah!! You really can eat hor?” Hem… I wonder~

I somewhat think their food is fresh and for the amount that I manage to it, it’s really worth the price. So yes, I don’t mind going all over again. Anyone?

T3, Relish Flr, Starhill Gallery,
181, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur,
Telephone No.: 03. 2142 1268
Fax No. : 03. 2148 8171 

top 5 food velverse loves: Ngau Kee Beef Noodles

Ah… some local chinese stall to recommend. If you really love beef, Ngau Kee beef noodles is not to be missed. This stall has been there for decades. As far as I remember, many people brought me there and I must say, each time I went there… it never fails me.

As time goes by, they are pretty much more flexible. You could actually mix and match you stuffs. Can choose from dry or soup based beef noodles. One can also choose the type of noodles… not to mention you can actually mix them as well.

I prefer the dry type which comes with minced beef on top of the noodles. They then serve you a bowl of soup with beef balls, beef tendons, beef slices and even beef intestines. Well, one could actually even custom what they want in their bowl of soup. In which one of the reasons why I actually like this place.

Of course having a good bowl of noodles with great beef balls is not the only thing that catch my attention. Their pot of chili sauce plays a great big role too. It’s simply out of this world and there are times I wish no one was looking so I could actually steal the entire claypot home for myself.

Ngau Kee Beef Ball Noodles
Tengkat Tong Shin,
50200 Kuala Lumpur
Business hours: 12.00noon to 3.00am

top 5 food velverse loves: Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa

I always believe people who visited Malaysia must try out our specialty, nasi lemak. Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa serves one of the best nasi lemak in town. I still remember the first time I set foot at this place was when I work in my previous company. One of my colleague did a food review for clients and tag me along. The best part, we ordered and ordered. Eat and eat… and at the end of the day… we didn’t have to pay a cent.

It isn’t called Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa for nothing. At it’s wall, one could see that many people around the world actually drop by tried and leave behind some comments. Not to mention stars and artists leaving their remarks and signature there.

Nasi lemak is almost the same everywhere, few slices of cucumber, peanuts, ikan bilis, coconut rice and sambal. Right… and the most important thing that distinguish one from the rest would be it’s sambal. Here at Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa… they simply nailed it!

Besides the basic nasi lemak, they have lots of other variety of stuffs to add on. They had so many to choose from, friend chicken, curry chicken, beef rendang, sambal sotong, curried beef lungs and many more. When talk about nasi lemak… I somehow still think they serve one of the best nasi lemak in town.

Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa
7C, Jalan Raja Muda Musa,
Kampung Baru, 50200 Kuala Lumpur
Business hours: 6.00pm to 5.00am

top 5 food velverse loves: Restoran Leong Ya

Leong Ya is a place I really enjoy going when I stayed in Sri Kembangan during my uni days. Each time my parents came visit me, I can’t help but wish they would want to go there. It is a typical chinese restaurant which serves lots of chinese dishes.

However, they are really famous for their Paper Wrapped Chicken. Right, one can never miss out their signature dish as it taste really good. The thick and sweet gravy covering the entire chicken. Mmmm… each time unwrapping the chicken is like unwrapping gifts. I each time prayed for chicken wings and much to my disappointments… I always failed to find it.

Besides their famous Paper Wrapped Chicken, their Yong Tau Fu is also highly recommended. I could just eat their Yong Tau Fu and their Paper Wrapped Chicken. Ah…. I really could… I really want to… I really did. Times like this, I wish I am back at my uni days where Leong Ya is just so near.. I could actually walk to that place.

Restoran Leong Ya
No 26-28, Jalan Dagang SB 4/1,
Taman Sg Besi Indah SK 4,
Sri Kembangan, Selangor
Telephone No. : 03. 8941 5942

top 5 food velverse loves: Wong Poh Restaurant

Wong Poh Restaurant is the place me and my fellow uni mates had our Chinese New Year dinner last year. I find their food there was simply amazing. It’s a common norm that during Chinese New Year, most restaurants’ food quality would drop due to overwhelm response.. Wong Poh however didn’t fail me.

Noted for it’s Cheese Crabs in Claypot. Yes, Cheese Crabs in Claypot is simply amazing as the thick gravy wrapped around the crab meat. I am glad the crab meat was fresh and that contributed much to it being prefect. Besides that their Butter Crabs and Salted Egg Crabs were great too. No kidding.. A great place to just eat crabs when you have cravings for it.

Besides their crab dish. I kinda like their Fried Sotong and Pepper Salted Prawns. It’s just delicious. Now… I felt like having crabs.. *slurp*

Wong Poh Restaurant
36 & 38, Jalan BM 1/2
Bukit Mayang Mas
47301 Petaling Jaya
Telephone No. : 03. 7803 3527

Five person I would like to tag…

1. Leonard (Singapore)
2. Simple American (United States of America)
3. L B (Italy)
4. (Sarawak, Malaysia)
5. Kenny Ng (Penang, Malaysia)

*Updated link on those who have done the meme.*
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Posted by velverse at March 23rd, 2007

63 Responses to “Top 5 food velverse loves”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Thanks cuz for doing the link know me not too smart in these IT stuffs…

    AND ARGHH BIG MISTAKE READING YOUR POST AT 2AM!!! I’m starving now!!! how how how am i going to sleep??!!!!!!

    p/s we are going to all 5 of these places when me back..the crabs look DIVINE!!! mmmmm i can just imagine the smell and taste!!!!

  2. may Says:

    excellent choices! but till today I’ve not tried Jogoya yet… aiseh, next time I go home, must eat kaw-kaw there! *grabs that yummy crab*

  3. simple american Says:

    I knew my goose was cooked as soon as I read the tag parameters. haha

    Will do soo. Wonder if it can look as good as yours? Prolly not. But I will do my best. :)

  4. winn Says:

    i havent tried any of those u mentioned! so jakun kan?

  5. Cocka 'Drooling' Doodle Says:

    I almost died looking at all those food……

  6. LB Says:

    You just got TAGGED!!! See how much I love ya?

    I see I got tagged too!!!

  7. velverse Says:

    Nicole: Hahaha… It’s really cool places huh. So did you cook yourself a noodle?
    may: Yes… I totally love all the food listed. Yummie
    Simple American: Well well…. come on SA.. how often I tag you rite? Hehehe.. No worries.. as long as the food recommendations are great :)
    winn: Jom we all go makan makan… OK?
    Cocka ‘Drooling’ Doodle: Almost means not yet lor. Jom pergi makan!
    LB: Awwwww…. I love you too.
    jimbo: Yesh… the nasi lemak place is best too… tapi I dunno the name. Chis.. next time I will find out. Vichudda… errr.. RM42?

  8. Kenny Ng Says:

    Aiyooo… I no idea how to do this tag la,… I dun have all the addresses wor… how?

  9. Simple American Says:

    Tag completed V! *salutes*

  10. velverse Says:

    Kenny Ng: No need put address. Just put the name and some pics lor preferable. Then tell locate around where lor.
    Simple American: Wooo… yummi-li-cious. I love it. bring me there.. bring me there~

  11. Leonard Says:

    oh gosh, thanks for informing me that i’m being tagged!!! this looks difficult!!!

    please give me some time to crack my brain, pull my hair and plan how am i going to do this!

    *can other countries anot!!!*

    hope when i complete this tag, i still have hair left on my head!

  12. LB Says:

    Sudah finally buat this T A G

  13. kyh Says:

    wah so lazat the food! very nice photos… makes everyone drools here! :P

  14. Hijackqueen Says:

    Vel, your food is killing me!!!!!!!!!!!! Have not been eating the chee pau kai forages. As that the one near Mines wonderland? YOu know what? YOu are dem lucky to get drumstick *drool*. Jogoya is too dem expensive la. Aiseh, cheapskates ppl will settle for Jogoya’s sister – Shogun. hehe…

  15. Olivia Says:

    This tag is spreading.
    Wong Poh looks great, and I love crab!

    You and Nicole have such well designed blogs.

  16. velverse Says:

    Leonard: Hahaha Yes.. you have been tagged. Do it soon okay :) Come on.. it ain’t that hard. Everyone loves to eat.
    kyh: Wooo Lazat kan. Jom makan!
    Hijackqueen: Hahaha… come let’s go dine someday. Yeah… the Chee Pau Kai are the best ever. Yeah.. the on near Mines Wonderland. They are really famous. I am? Er.. but I like chicken wings. Come let’s trade. Shame on me… I haven’t try Shogun before :(
    Olivia: Yes.. food sould always spread. Everyone should enjoy great food. Thanks.. hahaha.. :)

  17. eastcoastlife Says:

    Waaahhh! So good food in KL arh! *pick up phone to book tickets to KL*

  18. jellyfish Says:

    wohoo…. i saw ripped photos without acknowledgement

  19. velverse Says:

    eastcoastlife: Hahaha…. yeay~ come to KL come to KL~
    jellyfish: Yeap yeap… you saw what you saw.

  20. CuriosityKiller Says:

    WOW! Your list is totally awesome~!! Thanks!

  21. Chrissy Says:

    Wow! What a great blog! I’ll definitely be checking in again ;)

  22. CuriosityKiller Says:

    Great update! I’m planning to do one for Toronto AND NYC restaurant guide. I’ll keep you posted!

  23. Nicole Says:

    woo hoo updated list!!!

  24. velverse Says:

    CuriosityKiller: Thank you.. thank you :)
    Chrissy: Thanks for dropping by, doing the meme and your kind words :)
    CuriosityKiller: Cool… I will be waiting for your post :D
    Nicole: Yippie yeay yeay~

  25. Leonard Says:

    phew, finally i’ve did the tag, go and read and add me to your ever-increasing list! thanks! ;)

  26. velverse Says:

    Leonard: Yeah… the ever increasing list. Hope it doesn’t just stop there. :D

  27. WokandSpoon Says:

    I’ll have to check out your top 5 the next time I go to KL – which will hopefully be this year sometime!

  28. kim Says:

    Every Saturday, there’s this food fest going on at a local park here in Salcedo Village in Makati City. That’s when I first tried the nasi lemak and nasi goreng (sold by a Singaporean and a Malaysian, respectively, who’ve lived here in the Philippines for quite some time now)… OMG! Now, I die every time I miss my Saturday pig-out trips for both the lemak AND goreng. There’s nothing like Asian food to wrap up a hectic week, noh?

  29. velverse Says:

    WokandSpoon: Cool. You must really go check it out :D
    kim: Woooo… What do they sell in the food fest? Philippines food only or from all around? Yeah Asian food can kill me :D Really~

  30. Dino aka Katy Says:

    hi cool list if you don’t mind I stole your updated list to post it on mine so people can see all the peoples blogs that did it. Of course that means I have to come back to your site to check frequently ;)

  31. velverse Says:

    Dino aka Katy: No worries. Glad to help out. I think it is a great idea for ppl to link back to the updated post. At least now everything is a click away :D

  32. Natalie Says:

    It was really nice to come here and see the list of so many people who have done this tag. Your food sounds very interesting to me (even though I can’t eat any of it). I was very intrigued by the large pot of chili sauce. MMM chili sauce. Glad to know i opened your eyes to a whole new world of vegetarian foods!

  33. barbara Says:

    I drooled onto my keboard, reading your five choices! I’m just happy I didn’t short out my laptop.

    What a fun idea this was for a meme. Great way to hear about dining experiences around the world.

  34. velverse Says:

    Natalie: Hehe… yeah the claypot is really big. I wish I have pics to show you :) Yeah… you really did open me up to a whole new vegeterian stuff.
    barbara: Hahaha… Drooling is allowed I guess. I drool a lot too while chasing after this tag. Yes, food… everyone should love to eat :)

  35. Stewie Says:

    Wow! Your 5 really puts mine to shame. Very well played!

  36. Jennyjinx Says:

    Oh my! Your 5 is absolutely fabulous! that crab looks divine. I don’t live anywhere close to where I could get good fresh crab, but that picture makes me want to get some. Lovely post.

  37. Jennifer Says:

    I love that you added us all here. This is so nice…like a menu. Great work…

  38. velverse Says:

    Stewie: Haha… don’t say such things. I believe and think you did great. Carry on!
    Jennyjinx: I surely think so too. I love crabs and seafood. Yeah… come let’s go eat some crabs.
    Jennifer: Yeah.. with this list, we could go dine and try food around.

  39. themuttprincess Says:

    Oh wow.

    Most of that (ok pretty darn much all of it) makes my mouth water….

  40. TopChamp Says:

    wow – can’t believe how many people have played already. Really gonna make it hard to tag.

    I think your number 1 place sounds AMAZING! I am drooling just thinking about the crab… mmmm..

  41. velverse Says:

    themuttprincess: Oh.. hehehee.. yeah. Food makes everyone drool don’t they?
    TopChamp: Yeah, the list is growing so long. But it is really cool. At least we really know where and what to eat. I am still following up :D

  42. Keera Says:

    Thanks for the mention above! If anybody here ever gets to Bergen, let me know. I’ll even give you a tour. :-)

  43. Tera Says:

    Velverse, thanks again for stopping by, and I think this is a wonderful post! I guess you never know where in the world you might be…at least now, we know where to eat!!! :)

  44. velverse Says:

    Keera: Thanks for dropping by. Yeah… Woohoo.. we shall keep in touch then. Hehe.. Will notify you if I ever go Bergen.
    Tera: Hello there. Yeah I think it is a wonderful tag too. You are right.. never know where we might end up so yeah… at least we know where to fill our stomach :)

  45. varske Says:

    Great photos and layout. makes me realise how much better the authentic asian food must be, rather than the substitute stuff in the UK.

  46. harry Says:

    Hey there! Just posted mine. You can add another one from Israel to your list.

  47. Mark Base Says:

    Wow, what a fantastically elaborate job you’ve done here – excellent post!

  48. velverse Says:

    varske: Thanks. Well, food always taste better at the place it’s origin from isn’t it?
    harry: Hi there. Thanks for the update and thanks for dropping by. Much appreciated :D
    Mark Base: Thanks for dropping by and glad you like the post :D

  49. Erin Says:

    Wow, that is by far the best restaurant meme I’ve seen yet – very detailed!!! I don’t understand the names of restaurants but they sound good, lol!!

  50. The Phosgene Kid Says:

    The food looks great. It seems the small stalls and food tents always have the best food, maybe because they have to try harder, that and the family as been doing it for a long time. The smaller the business the more care they take with their food.. Oriental food is great. I love everything from sushi to Pad Thai.

    The most mixed up restaurant I ever came across was a Mexican restaurant in Germany run by Sri Lankans. Talk about multicultural! On the downside curry powder isn’t a very good substitute for chili powder…

  51. Travis Says:

    Wong Poh sounds fantastic!

    Thanks for stopping by my place. Happy Monday!

  52. Anonymous Says:

    Yummy, Yummy, all that food, slurp! excuse me. Really enjoyed your post…

  53. Anonymous Says:

    That was me Queenie, don’t know why it said anon..

  54. Alice Teh Says:

    Hello there! What a coincidence! You know what? I’ve been lurking at your blog for the longest time and guess what? You popped a comment in my blog for the Food Meme. The world is soooo small… :D Anyway, I’m so glad you did. I bookmarked your blog under ‘Inspiring Blogs’. Hehe… BTW, I’ve tried Jogoya during a company function and I must say, I was so spoiled for choice I didn’t know WHAT to eat. LOL. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful eateries! :)

  55. velverse Says:

    Erin: Thanks for the compliment. Well… yeah… I guess picture is the most universal stuff to explain the dishes :D
    The Phosgene Kid: I do agree. Yeah, I think those stall owners work way hard to establish their name and well strive hard for a living. Haha… no kidding. I love ASIAN food too. Hemmm I always hate it when Japanese Restaurant runned by Chinese. It makes me sorta feel weird.
    Travis: Oh yeah, Wong Poh is delicious :D
    Queenie: Hehe… Hi there. I guess must be something wrong with the comment section. Yummie.. Food taste great huh?

  56. velverse Says:

    Alice Teh: Hello there. Nice of you to drop by too. Wow… I really am flattered that you have been lurking around :) Really am glad you like and find my blog inspiring :D Oh yeah! Jogoya is one hell of a place to go for choices :D Eat all.. eat em all!

  57. Emilie Says:

    Wow, you have such a longggggg list! Now I have to visit all these places! :-))

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  63. Andrew Baise Says:

    This is the right blog for anyone who wants to find out about this topic. You realize so much it’s almost hard to argue with you (not that I actually would want…HaHa). You definitely put a new spin on a topic thats been written about for years. Great stuff, just great!


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